We provide consulting services to manufacturers from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector with respect to carrying out projects pursuant to GMP or GDT. We deal with project risk analysis. We have very experienced engineers that provide services in the field of project management, project optimisation and determining optimal capital expenditures against intended effects. We perform analyses in the field of ‘value engineering’ in order to verify expenditures spent on a project. We prepare investment budgets. We also specialise in providing advisory services to already existing production facilities, which require modernisation and improvements to increase their efficiency or introduce quality assurance systems compliant with the EU or FDA’s requirements.

We prepare wholesalers to meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practises.

Within the range of our services, there are:

– concepts for project location

– concepts for placing production lines, devices and installations

– conceptual designs

– risk analysis

– efficiency audits

– simulations

– process optimisation

– as well as many others, based on our engineering know-how and experience.

We advise our Clients at every stage of the project.