Goal and Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services. We apply technical solutions compliant with current regulations and GMP guidelines, at the same time making them optimal in terms of costs. Our missions is to provide Clients with comprehensive solutions in the field of implementation of their plans for new projects or modernisation of already existing facilities.

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Magfarm Group

Magfarm Group was established in 2015 by two companies that have been cooperating for years: Magfarm and Matex Controls. For our Clients we combine experience in designing, implementing, modernising and qualifying facilities for the needs of the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industry as well as pharmaceutical wholesalers. Following the merger, we have become a complementary firm, providing a full range of services needed to achieve the objectives of an investment project.
We are a team comprising around 100 people – highly qualified architects, engineers and specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge and robust experience. We have our own multidisciplinary design office. We are committed to caring for our Clients and their preferences. We are members of ISPE. Our work is based on the process model developed according to the latest ISO standards.

magfarm group

Matex controls

Matex Controls was created in 2003 as a one-man building automation design office. Marcin Michalski was the originator and founder of the company. The dynamic development of the business, both in terms of the scale and the range of the provided services related to the infrastructure of commercial buildings, resulted in the establishment of Matex Controls Sp. z o.o. in 2011. Marcin Michalski and Radosław Stojek are the only shareholders in the company. Currently, there are two enterprises operating parallel: Matex Controls Sp. z o.o. and Matex Controls Marcin Michalski.

Link to the website: www.matexcontrols.pl




Magfarm Sp. z o.o. was registered in 2002 (as the continuation of GMProjekt Plus Sp. z o.o., name changed in 2008). The main activities include designing, qualification and validation, training and consulting. The company specialises in technology projects compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices.Link to the website: www.magfarm.pl

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